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About Rony Sidon

Rony Sidon was born in Guadeloupe in 1974.He studied Fine Art for three years in Martinique in the French Caribbean before going on to study further in Toulouse in France where he obtained his Master.

Rony has been living and working in Ireland since June 1998.

He came to Tallaght Community Arts Centre as part of the International Exchange Programme , Artists Against Exclusion. Since then he has built up a massive profile as a Visual and Community artist in Dublin. He has continued to work at Tallaght Community Arts Centre as part of the Centre Children's Programme as well as working extensively with Drug Rehabilitation groups in the area and on an Intercultural School Project in Primary School in Tallaght.

​Rony Sidon's professional approach and sheer creativity has brought to life the cultures and uniqueness of other Countries and their peoples, through his special brand of Art.

In his visual art s workshops for children, Rony has so engaged his audience, that he has been able to take them on "world Tours", without anyone ever having to leave the classroom.

​Rony Art practice is based on the origin of his culture and the close relation he had with the Irish Society.

​He articulated it such as Displacement and Fragmentation.

This liaison has been translated in his personal practice has a Meta morphic effect with Geometric symbol which could be called "Morpho - Genese" (Concept used by Wassily kandinsky in Point et ligne sur plan).

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